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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will anyone else will be traveling in the vehicle I book?

We provide a private transfer service for the number of passengers specified in your reservation. The vehicle is at your disposal for your group only.

Is it necessary to book child seats?

Child seats are required as the safety of children's transportation is regulated by law and there are penalties for not using them. We offer infant seats (0-1 years old), child seats (1-5 years old), and booster seats (5-12 years old) with an additional charge

Can I bring my child seat?

You can bring your child seat. Please consider that it takes up space for one person, so make sure to select the appropriate vehicle while booking.

Will I be charged extra if I have extra luggage?

The allowed luggage per passenger seat is one piece of medium size and one piece of hand luggage and is already included in the price of your transfer. If you have extra luggage per passenger seat and that require a larger vehicle category, you need to book a larger vehicle.

Where will I meet the driver?

If your transfer is from the airport, the driver will wait for you at the arrivals with a sign or a tablet showing your name or Transfer-Plus.grlogo. If your transfer is from a port or station, the driver will wait for you at the nearest meeting point with a sign or a tablet showing your name or Transfer-Plus.grlogo. If your transfer is from your accommodation, the driver will wait for you in front of the building. In case you cannot find the driver, please contact him or contact Customer Service.

How long will the driver wait for me?

For departures from the airport, the included waiting time is 60 minutes. For all other starting points 15 minutes. If the waiting time exceeds the above limits, extra charges will be applied when the customer has already informed us.

What meeting time should I choose if I go to the airport?

We advise you to plan your departure for the airport at least 2,5 hours ahead of your flight departure.

Can I complete my reservation, without a credit card?

We offer several payment methods credit or cash so you can choose every method that fits to you.

How will I know my booking is successful and confirmed?

After we receive your booking, the confirmation will be issued shortly. For some services processing can take up to 12 hours (average time: 2hours).

What happens if my flightor ship is delayed?

If your flightor ship is delayed, we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Service as soon as possible to check the options of rescheduling your transfer

What happens if my flightor ship is early?

If your flightor ship is early, you need to wait for the driver at the meeting point specified on your Confirmation until the scheduled pickup time.

What should I do if I miss my flight?

Please contact our Customer Service on the number visible in your Confirmation.

What should I do if I can't find the driver?

Please contact your driver on a number received.

Do I have to print my confirmation?

If it is not convenient for you to print the confirmation, you can show your online copy to the driver from your mobile device.

Can I book a transfer to the airport?

Yes, you can book a transfer to the airport or any other destination by choosing them in destination point field.

My travel group is landing on different flights, how can I book?

You need to make two bookings for each group. Alternatively, you can choose one and enter the flight details with which the last passenger arrives at the airport. Any possible alterations in flights (delays etc) may not allow the collection of all passengers within the allotted wait time.

Do I have extra charges if the driver needs to wait for me because my flight is delayed?

Flight delays do not require an additional charge if your flight specified in the booking is delayed by up to 8 hours.

How can i upgrade my vehicle?

You can change the vehicle category via email or phone call to our contact details. Vehicle modification usually requires price changes.